I have been a client of Bill Huml for a number of years. Bill, Ronda Landry and their staff have at various times handle tax preparation, financial reporting, payables and receivables, payroll, and other issues for companies that I have owned. They have consistently exceeded my expectations regarding responsiveness, knowledge, and service levels. There have also been several occasions where Bill’s expertise and his ability to proactively think through an issue have been very beneficial for my companies. In fact, several years ago we completed a complex asset sale, which we simply could not have done without Bill’s help. We asked some hard questions, and Bill had the answers. I highly recommend Bill and Ronda.

Jason Dederichformer President of a small software company, current owner of a State Farm Agency

Bill and Ronda are trusted advisors that have provided invaluable council over the years. They possess experience in a variety of fields and industries which enables them to guide clients thru complex situations. I am most appreciative of their proactive approach to financial and business planning. They stay abreast of the ever changing tax laws and apply those changes to me. Most importantly, Bill and Ronda have always served my interest first and I have the utmost confidence in their professional services.

Doug NelsonChicago, IL

After several years of dealing with an accountant that was abrasive, uncommunicative and condescending we brought our small business to William E. Huml and Co., Ltd. and never looked back. We have consistently received excellent advice and have always felt like a valued client whether talking to Bill, Ronda or any other staff member. We look forward to a long relationship with them.

Jim and Jodi SchultzFranks for the Memories

We have been a client of William E. Huml and Associates for since 2002 and have always been happy with their services. Ronda Landry has always been available to us when we needed answers to tax questions and comparing different tax scenarios during the course of the year so we could make the best possible tax decisions for both our business and personal taxes. We highly recommend the firm for all your financial needs.

Roger and Jennifer KratzHealth Insurance Consultants

Our accounting and financial needs are both unique and somewhat complex. Working with Ronda, Bill and Karen has simplified matters tremendously and allowed us to spend more time focusing on making money. Huml & Co. is a pleasure to work with.

Penn Rakauski

Bill Huml has been a very helpful resource to help me manage financial matters related to business and personal needs. He has assisted me with tax planning as well as retirement and insurance questions in a highly professional, responsive and creative manner. I look forward to continuing to work with Bill.

RonLibertyville, IL

Bill and Ronda have been our accountants for many years and have helped us tremendously with our QuickBooks processing. Ronda is patient when she trains us on new transactions or those entries which tend to be more difficult. We feel very comfortable referring them to a business who uses QuickBooks as their accounting software. They have also been very proactive and informative when tax planning for our corporation. You would be in great hands working with this firm.

VickiLake Bluff, IL

Ronda has done our tax returns for several years, and Bill and Ronda have offered some very wise advice on several occasions. Very competent indeed, and also very pleasant to do business with. Trust me, you are in VERY GOOD HANDS with Ronda and Bill. You will never hear from the IRS!! The fees they charge are very fair, and it is my opinion that they have paid for themselves over the years.

MattLibertyville, IL

Ronda was very courteous, pleasant and professional. She returned my calls promptly and and we were able to set up a convenient appointment easily. Very personal and client tailored service. I would highly recommend William E. Huml & Co. Thanks you made filing taxes a breeze!

IliaLibertyville, IL

Working with Bill Huml has had a tremendous impact on our business and frankly, our family. Bill is as much our CFO as he is an accountant. There are three critical factors that underpin his success; competence, commitment and trust.

We have been profoundly impressed with Bill’s grasp of issues as well as all of the nuances that go along with them. From complex Trust and Estate concepts to taxes to budgets, Bill has been quick, insightful and accurate.

His commitment to service is beyond commendable. He is in touch with us on a consistent basis making sure that we are paying attention to the issues at hand. Whether the issue is the business financials, an inventory question, a sales concern, even personnel thoughts, he’s on top of it. I have been accustomed to having to chase an account down for an answer. Not so with Bill Huml. He is out in front making sure that I’m asking the right questions as well as providing the answers and advice. Again, he is as much a CFO to us as an accountant.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly there is trust. Of all of the professionals, not just accountants, that I have worked with over the years, Bill is the clear front runner in trust. He is the one person that we feel we can trust implicitly with our personal and business issues. He truly has our best interest at heart and is driven to serve well. To be able to have the level or trust and confidence that we have developed with Bill is immeasurable.

Bill Huml is that very rare mixture of integrity and skill that seems to be so rare in our world. I would recommend Bill and his firm with absolutely no reservation.

CJ SchnakenbergPresident – Chicago Brass, Inc.